Umbrello Artist: Anton Roolaart

Anton Roolaart | Dreamer

Artist: Anton Roolaart
Title: Dreamer
Format: CD Album

Label: Umbrello Records
Cat No: UMBCD0008
Release: March 6, 2007 (North America)
Distribution: ADA
Category: Progressive/Symphonic Rock

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UK Release: Order
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Umbrello Records introduces the debut CD from Anton Roolaart entitled Dreamer, composed and produced by Anton himself. His music conveys the quintessence of melodic symphonic rock keenly arranged with lush orchestration. In his lyrics, one can find the recurring theme of human relationships. The impact of his music can be heard with such tracks as Near or Far, On to the Afterglow, Dreamer and Mid Summer's Day.

The Tracks
01 Near or Far
02 On to the Afterglow
03 Dreamer
04 Scary Monsters
05 Color of Your World
06 Mid Summer's Day
07 Manon
08 The Spider

The Band:
Anton Roolaart: Vocals, Keyboards, Guitars
Vincent Puryear: Bass Guitar
Rave Tesar: Keyboards
Charles Descarfino: Drums & Percussion
Rich Berends: Drums & Percussion

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Anton Roolaart's extroverted enthusiasm and passion for life seems ever expanding and well in tune with the musical genre he has embraced, Progressive Rock. In April of 2007, Anton released his debut album "Dreamer", completely written, arranged, and produced by himself. Recorded mostly in his home studio, "Dreamer" boasts the participation of some of New Jesey's most prominent musicians including, Rave Tesar (Keyboards - Renaissance, Anni Haslam), Rich Berends (Drums- Mastermind), and Vinnie Puryear (bass).

Anton came to the US from the Netherlands with his family when he was young. Growing up, Anton was exposed to classical music which his father played on the record player at home. Eventually, Anton started taking classical guitar lessons at age 13 before exploring this instrument on his own. Anton's life long love affair with music took firm grip in his early adolescence when the music from Yes, Genesis, Beatles, and Bowie and others illuminated a path that he readily started down. In his late teens, Anton also began writing his own songs and performing in various clubs and cafes in the Charlotte, NC area. Anton's college studies included electrical and multi-track sound engineering. These studies went hand in hand with the maturating of his musical skills.

Upon completing his studies at the University Anton spent a year traveling and living in Europe. Upon returning Anton decided to live close to New York City, the world's largest cultural melting pot. It wasn't long before Anton was playing in cover bands, introducing some of his own compositions into the repertoire. Over time, his endeavors in the realms of computer technology evolved and matured as well, very much in step with the very fast technological advancements that have been introduced in recent years. He never could resist investing in new technological "gadgetry" that had the potential to enhance his ability to create music and as a result his studio grew in capability and professionalism.

Anton has invested countless hours developing his sound engineering skills not only as an alchemist, but also as an arranger. Driven by the need to immediately capture parts for his music, Anton found it necessary to expand his instrumental musical skills and for several years engaged in instruction in Jazz guitar, Piano and Drums. The fruits of these efforts are demonstrated in his debut album "Dreamer".

Anton, has passionately followed the evolution of Proggressive Rock, not only as a consumer but also as an avid concert goer. This knowledge along with his strong computer skills moved Anton into creating, today one of the most prominent Proggressive Rock Internet Radio stations. Anton has also contributed as vocalist for JESDAT (based in Spain) on their debut album "City Lights" and is also working with them on their follow-on project.

Anton Roolaart's music is a testimonial of his outgoing character and passion for human progress and life in general. His music represents a testimonial of life experiences and ideas which he laboriously captures not only with musical statements but also with lyrical content. He continues to grow both musically and technically and has started work on his next album. He continues his quest to promote proggressive rock and performs regularly in the New Jersey area. Given the maturity level and the wonderful debut release "Dreamer"; I am looking forward to seeing where Anton's journey will lead to next.

Bio written by Vito Vitale

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