Umbrello Artist: The Syn
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Big Sky

The Syn | Big Sky

Artist: The Syn
Title: Big Sky
Format: CD and MP3 Album
Label: Umbrello Records
Cat No: UMBCD0016
Release: April 2009

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are a band that operate intently in the modern day world. Their focus is on pushing the envelope of modern progressive rock and moving it in new directions. Their current core lineup of Steve Nardelli, Francis Dunnery and Tom Brislin may have only been a musical machine since 2008, but this is a band with a long and storied history of constantly exploring new musical soundscapes. While THE SYN have their eyes firmly focused on the future of progressive rock, their roots go back to the 1960s.

In 1965, in the days of the groovy British modster beat scene, 17-year-old Chris Squire (Yes bassist) and Stephen Nardelli (SYN songwriter/vocalist) met at a local battle of the bands, competing against each other. That meeting was to be the start of THE SYN. Their freak beat-genre songs "Grounded" and "14 Hour Technicolor Dream" were the unforgettable trippy love-generation companions of "Flowerman" and "Created by Clive." By 1966, THE SYN held a permanent booking at the infamous Marquee Club in London. THE SYN's support slots at the Marquee read
like a "who's who" of the day -- The Who, Pink Floyd, Cream, Jimi Hendrix, etc. Everyone who was anyone in the British music scene eventually performed at the Marquee Club.

In 2004 Nardelli and Chris Squire brought THE SYN back together and they not only released a 2- CD edition of the highly acclaimed archival recording, Original Syn, but also put together a new studio recording entitled, "Syndestructible." Both discs received critical acclaim and a tour for Syndestructible thrilled fans. The tour was filmed and a live DVD released. But, while Steve Nardelli is proud of the musical legacy of THE SYN, he has a dedication to looking forward musically rather than focusing on the glorious past. That dedication is reflected in 2009 with a new
lineup and a new sound based on the considerable SYN legacy, but reaching towards the future. Big Sky is the newest SYN CD and it showcases both their belief in the concept of the Progressive Modernist Movement "Mod Prog for Prog Mods," but also their new lineup. The core of the band is now Nardelli (songwriter, vocalist and guitarist) along with Francis Dunnery (guitar and vocals) and Tom Brislin (keyboards and vocals). This lineup is augmented live by Brett Kull (guitar) and Paul Ramsey (drums and percussion).

This is a band who are rightly proud of their roots and history, but not content to live on the strength of that legacy. Big Sky proves that they are continuing to push the envelope of musical expression and create new sounds and themes. This is a group with ties to the 1960 s but an artistic vision that is firmly set in the 21st Century.

The Tracks
01 Big Sky
02 Devils and Demons
03 New Reality
04 Universal Witness
05 Kings Clowns Cardinal
06 Milo
07 Running Out Of Time
08 Madonna and Child
09 The Reason
10 Big Sky Reprise

The Band:
Steve Nardelli, Vocals
Francis Dunnery, Guitars and vocals
Tom Brislin, Keyboards
Brett Kull, Guitars
Paul Ramsey, Drums
Featuring Miss Dorie Jackson, Vocals

All songs written by Steve Nardelli and Francis Dunnery

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