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The Syn : Cathedral of Love (CD Single)
Released 24th October 2005

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Chris Squire and Steve Nardelli first met in 1965 at a local battle of the bands.
They went on to form 60’s psychedelic rock outfit, THE SYN.
After their split in 1967, Squire went on to join the band YES.

40 years later, the pair have reunited and reformed. Pooling the talents of producer and guitarist Paul Stacey, Jeremy Stacey on drums and Gerard Johnson on keys, the band have signed to Umbrello Records.

The Band now describe themselves as “Prog Modernists” and have stated they are taking the concept of Progressive music into the 21st century. The results are already creating a lot of excitement not only in the music business but in the art world too where critics are quoted as saying the band are leading the renaissance in progressive music.

The tracks:

1. Cathedral of Love
is from the forthcoming album, ‘Syndestructible’ and is the ‘single edit’, duration 5.30. The full album version of the track is 9.16.

2. Grounded The original 1967 recording of the classic Syn track regarded as one of the finest freak/beat records of that era. Grounded was Nardelli's first composition aged 14 and has been covered numerous times and is used by Diesel Clothing in their new commercial.

3. 14 Hour Technicolor Dream is from the Original Syn album.

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