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The Syn : Original Syn 1965-2004
Released 12th September 2005

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This superb double CD yokes together, for the first time, fourteen rare (some previously unreleased) tracks from the band, recorded in the 1960s, including their highly collectable singles, ‘Grounded’, ’14 Hour Technicolor Dream’ and ‘Created By Clive’, plus five tracks recorded in 2004, including a sizzling, stunningly contemporary new recording of ‘Grounded’, and a new version of the YES classic, ‘Time And A Word’. The album includes a warmly appreciative sleeve note introduction from PHIL COLLINS.

The album includes a wonderful 24 page booklet outlining the history of the band.

The tracks:
Disc 1
1 Mallard Way (Jackman)
2 Grounded (Nardelli)
3 14 Hour Technicolor Dream (Nardelli,Jackman)
4 Flowerman (Nardelli/Jackman)
5 Created By Clive (Pattison)
6 The Last Performance of The Royal Regimental, Very Victorious and Valiant Band (Nardelli/Jackman)
7 Mr Whites White Flying Machine (Nardelli/Jackman)
8 Cadillac Dreams (Nardelli)
9 Sunset Boulevard Lament (Nardelli)
10 Merry-Go-Round (Korda)
11 The Gangster Opera (excerpts from the rehearsal tape)
i Chorus (Nardelli/Jackman)
ii Legs Diamond (Nardelli/Jackman)
iii Reprise (Nardelli/Jackman)
12 I Can't Explain (P.Townsend)
13 Love You (Jackman)
14 Flowerman Original Recording (Nardelli/Jackman)

Disc 2
1 Illusion (Nardelli/Banks)
2 Grounded 2004 (Nardelli)
Time and a Word -
3 Time And A Word (Anderson/Foster)
4 A Tide in the Affairs of Man (Nardelli/Banks/Johnson)
5 Time And A Word (reprise) (Anderson/Foster)

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